Project HI at Mishkenot Amanim in Kiryat Motzkin is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between Almogim Ltd. and Yossi Avrahami.
HI in the Sky
The HI residence tower is a remarkable architectural masterpiece. The tower offers an amazing location, situated at the north of Kiryat Motzkin by the Sportlee country club and a short walking distance from the Kiryon Mall.
This innovative residence approach enables each tenant to enjoy a luxurious lounge on the roof, prestigious qualities of living in a penthouse, a view to the sea and the Carmel, a breathtaking lobby and other luxurious items that turn project HI into something incomparable and unique.
The sea2see lounge was designed as an open space with an international feel, similar to luxurious lounges in the world. Screen walls open to observation areas with views to the sea and the Carmel; comfortable sofas offer sweet moments of relaxation; and massage armchairs are available for your delight. In addition, you’ll find a bar and a kitchen, always at your service, with a mood setting lighting and sound system playing h relaxing music throughout.
5 and 6 room apartments start at NIS 1,490,000
HI – The Advantages of a Hotel, the Atmosphere of a Luxurious Penthouse!
  • Modular and designed apartments, 5 and 6 rooms, comfortable, with huge balconies and garden planters.
  • Luxurious lounge club for tenants at the top floor.
  • Panoramic lookout point on the roof.
  • Prestigious lobby.
  • Security system operated through your personal smartphone.
  • High-end technical specifications.
  • American parking array.