At the District Court in Haifa - notice of filing an application to the court according to the company regulations (request for compromise and settlement), 2002

At the district court in Haifa
Notice of submitting an application to the court According to the Companies Regulations (Request for Compromise and Settlement), 2002 – 2002

Almogim Holdings (M.H. 513988824) (hereinafter: “the company”)
On Hatish Street 2 Tirat Carmel

Company Secretary:
Adv. Ofer Yankovic and Adv. Aden Amnon, Wexler, Bergman & Co. – lawyers
Phone: 03-5119393; Fax: 03-5119394
From 23 Yehuda Halevi St. – Migdal Discount, 22nd floor, Tel Aviv
Notice is hereby given that on May 1, 2023, a request for a conference was submitted to the District Court in Haifa
Meetings to approve the arrangement according to section 350 of the Companies Law, 5799 1999, between the company and the holders
The option letters (series 1) of the company.

The copy of the request and all the documents attached to it will be provided free of charge to any interested party upon receipt of their written request.
In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 11, a person who wishes to oppose the request, shall submit his objection to the court by May 22, 2023 or another date determined by the court.

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