Some creations are unique. Such as those that bring inspiration, excellence and are produced with high and uncompromising standards. Almogim’s ALMOGI HILLS is one such creation, one produced by the hand of an artist, a creation  that integrates harmoniously at the highest point of the much ought-after Ramat Almogim neighborhood. Take everything that’s good about the location, add everything that’s good and creative about Almogim, and the result is FINE LIVING.


The Benefits

Saturated construction and spacious apartments

Commercial center in the complex

Parks and green lungs near the project

Proximity to kindergartens and schools

Green construction

Proximity to cultural institutions

ALMOGI HILLS apartments

Almogim offers you a choice of 3, 4 and 5 room apartments, penthouses and luxurious and spacious duplexes, whose open fronts will allow you to enjoy the amazing beauty outside. The project consists of 3, 6 floor buildings with a total of just 60 housing units.

You will recognize the high standards and the meticulous architectural style as soon as you enter the buildings, where you are greeted by an impressive central atrium with a transparent ceiling, which brings light into the building’s shared spaces. There is also a spacious lobby, designed and inspired, like the rest of the project, to international standards. There are quiet corners to sit, and a touch of green is everywhere. Your life in Almogi will be enhanced by all the services easily available and close by in the Ramat Almogi neighborhood including kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, many entertainment and leisure options and shopping centers, and outstanding community services that will place your quality of life at the front.

Occupation will begin this summer!

Everything you need to enjoy a superior living environment

The Ramat Almogi neighborhood is in an excellent location, amongst Haifa’s elite neighborhoods. It is a direct continuation of the established and prestigious Dania and Ramat Golda neighborhood’s. It’s the best possible location for your family. The neighborhood, named after the former mayor of Haifa, Yosef Almogi, is, like its neighboring areas, populated by about 600 young and old middle-upper class families. The neighborhood’s residents enjoy a sense of community, security, and gain great satisfaction from the neighborhood’s uncompromising maintenance standards.

For example, take education. Haifa places a huge emphasis on the promotion and realization of the personal potential of all the city’s children, from birth to matriculation. The city nurtures  each child’s academic, emotional, and social development so that each child can be the best possible person and contribute to society. A practical expression of this is prominent in the neighborhood which is dotted with many excellent kindergartens, and schools, including the nearby Reali Hebrew High School.

In Ramat Alamogi you will find everything you need to enjoy a quality living environment – from a commercial center (on Einstein Street) through health services, to lively shopping boulevards and a wide variety of entertainment and leisure opportunities.

The neighborhood has easy and convenient accessibility to public transport, although far enough away to preserve the area’s peace and privacy, with all of Haifa’s attractions and benefits nearby – from Haifa Theater to restaurants to many entertainment and cultural centers. Together, these allow residents to live the good life to the fullest.

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