Carmel Valley - Nesher

The “Valley of Carmel” located in Nesher became the new gospel of the urban development on the slopes of Carmel, and the main pioneer in the change that the entire region is going through. This is as part of a groundbreaking program by “Almogam” in cooperation with the Nesher Municipality, to encourage the development momentum. Thus, with the revival of the area, Nesher has been on the radar of investors and buyers in the last year, and experts in the real estate market estimate that apartment buyers in Nesher are expected to benefit in the coming years from blossoming, prosperity and rising prices.

The project has 250 apartments located in five 10-story designed buildings, surrounding a green park for the whole family next to a shopping avenue, which will provide you with the answer to all your needs and all the necessary community infrastructure.

“Emek Carmel” was designed and designed by the Israeli branch of the award-winning French-Israeli architecture firm Altman Bouchen, and offers you a choice of 3, 4, 4.5, 5 and 5.5-room apartments, unique roof and garden apartments. Each apartment has a spacious balcony, parking and private storage. All the apartments have a unique architectural design and a rich technical specification, which emphasizes contemporary elements.

The Main Technical Specifications

All the Benefits

Saturated construction and spacious apartments

Commercial center in the complex

Parks and green lungs near the project

Proximity to kindergartens and schools

Equipped tenant room

Proximity to cultural institutions

The Carmel Valley Neighborhood

The Carmel Valley neighborhood is destined to become a center of attraction for a high-quality population that aspires to a luxurious standard of living alongside a vibrant community life, benefiting from all the infrastructure that the Haifa metropolis provides – from educational services through places of entertainment to employment in the business centers. And everything is near the Technion and within perfect access to the Matron, the Carmel tunnels and the new train station… In addition, the neighborhood enjoys a location in the heart of the high-tech and academic triangle of Haifa and the North: Mattam Park to the west, the Yokneam High-Tech Park to the southeast and the Technion and the University of Haifa to the south – all within 5- 15 minutes drive only.

The Carmel Valley is in the midst of occupying Phase II, and Phase III will soon be marketed in the neighborhood with terraced buildings, including 310 housing units in a modern rural design, which combines a promenade and commercial areas alongside residences in terraced construction on the mountainside.

We invite you to take part in the urban renewal project of the city of Nesher and enjoy a standard of living that has never been seen before in the city, which includes approximately 700 housing units in a number of buildings designed with a high level of finish, along with extensive environmental development.

The City and Surroundings

The location of “Emek Carmel” was carefully chosen, while searching for an ideal location for development and ultimate accessibility. The construction of the project, in the entrances of Ha’ir Nesher, positions it in the perfect location and is one of its great advantages: maximum accessibility to main traffic arteries, including a link to the northern arm of Highway 6 – a few minutes’ drive from the Carmel tunnels and the bypass road to Kiryat Lev Hamfaretz – which will significantly improve accessibility to Haifa.

And that’s not all: the Carmel Valley is located near leading industrial parks such as MTM and the high-tech park in Yokneam, and close to the Technion and Haifa University, one of the leading academic clubs in Israel and the world. This fact will be one of the most influencing elements on the quality of the project, its character and its human texture.

All this in addition to the fact that “Academy City Eagle” is no longer a slogan – this is the declared vision of the city! The municipality of Nesher is one of the best in the field of education, and this is evidenced by the financial investment per student, which is one of the highest in the country, the education awards, the schools and kindergartens that were recognized as “green schools”, the percentage of those eligible for matriculation and the high percentage of recruitment into the IDF.

You too can enjoy the top in education! As Nesher residents, you can send your children to elementary and high school, which are located in the top ten in Israel in terms of the percentage of those eligible for matriculation, and you will enjoy a large part of the classes offered in community centers that are provided to residents at a discounted price and even for free.


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