Almogim Kiryat Eliezer, Haifa

The project includes the evacuation of 160 units.
The new planning includes the construction of 5 towers of 16-28 floors. 640 units and commercial space.

About the Project

All the Benefits

Saturated construction and spacious apartments

Commercial center in the complex

Parks and green lungs near the project

Proximity to kindergartens and schools

Equipped tenant room

Proximity to cultural institutions

The Environment

The topographic structure of Kiryat Eliezer is very favorable compared to other neighborhoods in Haifa, since Kiryat Eliezer is flat, unlike many neighborhoods in the city built on the side of Mount Carmel. As a result, most people who come to the neighborhood do not leave it. The neighborhood has a large commercial center, which includes almost all the needs of the residents in the neighborhood, from restaurants, cafes, clothing stores and up to health insurance funds and schools within walking distance.

At the northern border of the neighborhood lies the German colony, which is an attraction in itself, both thanks to the buildings from the Templar era, the Baha’i gardens in the upper part of the colony, cafes, restaurants and places of entertainment and Thanks to its color in the months of November and December. As you know, Haifa is a mixed city that unites the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The months of November and December are a crossroads for the religious holidays and the German colony in these months wears bright and glittering holiday clothes. Kiryat Eliezer is located in the center of Haifa and organically connects to all parts of the city.

On the western border of the neighborhood lies the Bat Galim neighborhood, the Rambam Hospital, and the beach.

At the eastern border of the neighborhood are the French Carmel and Western Carmel neighborhoods.


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