Almog Hasharon in Bat Hefer - the star of the Axis of the Star Settlements

Almog Hasharon, one of the pioneers of the projects of the settlement of Bat-Hefer, was established as part of the Kochabim Settlements project, which was led by the Minister of Housing at the time, Ariel Sharon, on the land of Kibbutz Bahan, about 15 km east of Netanya. The Almogam company was among a team of a handful of entrepreneurs, who were recruited for the task of building the first houses in the settlement, and raised over 100 private houses with swimming pools to the ground, with a construction standard and quality that was ahead of its time.

From the Project

All the Benefits

Saturated construction and spacious apartments

Commercial center in the complex

Parks and green lungs near the project

Proximity to kindergartens and schools

Equipped tenant room

Proximity to cultural institutions

The City and Surroundings

The residents of Almog Hasharon in Bat Hefer have known for decades – these are residences that are a community’s dream! The residents enjoy being part of a population of old and young families in a high position in the promising settlement of the Sharon.

Bat-Hefer, the largest of the Emek Hefer settlements, was born about 30 years ago, as part of the “Star Settlements” program.
Today, about 1,350 families live in the settlement, all in detached houses. The boulevards and main streets in Bat Hefer are paved with asphalt and the inner streets have the color of Dutch streets.

The entire settlement is decorated with over 100 dunams of public ornamental areas, gardens and playgrounds for children. In addition, a huge park of approximately 110 dunams, including an amphitheater, a skating rink, fitness facilities and games – all this alongside excellent education from the regional council and proximity to the industrial and employment areas of Sharon.

In addition, Bat Hefer has a great advantage thanks to the fact that in a few minutes you can reach Netanya, Kfar Saba by car and go down to Route 6, which easily connects the area to the metropolis of the center of the country and the north.


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